888 Online Casino. The Award Winning, Trend Setter of the Online Gambling Industry

888 Global

Established in 1997, 888.com is a market leader in online gambling industry. With its well established reputation through multiple awards, like EGD Award for 5 Years in a row, 1st Gaming Intelligence Award, Global Gaming Awards, and 50+ International Awards, 888 has changed the face of online gambling, setting new standards of ethics, modernization, user experience and more. 888 has four major sections, namely 888 Poker, 888 Casino, 888 Ladies and 888 sports, each developed and customized for its own users in Canada, with its own set of countless offers, bonuses and fun. 

Responsible Gaming

888, being a well-recognized gambling platform understands the importance of responsible gaming. They understand that it is an absolute must provide their users a safe environment to play in, as they continue to make new games and keep increasing the fun. Being a trendsetter, 888 is unwilling to compromise on the safety of gambling environment. 888 is approved by eCOGRA and is determined to follow the rules and guidelines of eCoGRA, making the games safe and fair. Following Gibraltor Gambling Act, only 18+ are allowed to gamble and 888 tries their best not to allow anyone below the age of 18 to gamble. Moreover, they try to prevent compulsive gambling. Compulsive Gambling means that while most people gamble for a reasonable amount of time and only for entertainment, there are some who are obsessed with the potential monetary gains. 888’s team is trained to identify users who are obsessed with gambling and tries its best to prevent them from continuing in the manner.

A simpler way is the self-exclusion program, that blocks the account of the user for a small amount of time if they request themselves. The ‘Take a break’ period can be one day, two-days, one week, two weeks, four weeks and even six weeks.

Set your own Deposit Limit: 888 understands that every person can have their own financial limit, so it’s possible for them to set their deposit limits in order to keep their finances in check.

888 Casino

888casino.com is a Casino platform that offers Slots, Blackjacks and Live Casino entertainment. 888Casino has more than 100 online slot games, many home-built games and a pool of over 25 million members.

Slots and Jackpots

Slots and Jackpots section at Casino 888 is a vast section exciting and thrilling online slot games, which are all unique from each other making them all a source of quality gambling.

Agent Jane Blonde Returns is a new Slot game with exciting Slot and Wild bonuses. Just click the big spin button in mid-right to have 5-reels spinning. You can click the electric symbol to make the spinning instantaneous or slower. 2 or more scatters gives the chance to respin and turn wild. Wild are only valid as long as you keep getting the wilds in your spins or don’t get all wilds at once.

With this fun slot game that involves exciting win chances and respins, one can win upto $120,000!

The last button on right with 3 parallel rows, triggers the rules. Users can click it to see detailed distribution of rewards per symbols, how Wild and Scatters work in order to better understand the game.

You can play this or any other game on Demo Play mode instead of with real money when you want to get used to it first, or just want to play for fun and no money. Switch to real money, by just clicking the button on the top-mid of your screen and the real fun will begin momentarily.

Want to try something homemade?

Play the Millionaire Genie, another fun, unique Slot Game, customized for Casino 888’s players.

The Millionaire Genie is a trip to Egypt, a game full of cultural touches and yet the modernization any gambler seeks. There are 2 free scratch-cards like rewards right before you start, so the fun has already begun! The game symbols are well customized to cultural heritage, while the game offers not just Wilds and Scatters, like most mainstream Slotgames but also Bonus. 3 bonus symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will trigger the Genie’s Palace Bonus Game, a chance to win more.

3 or more scatter symbols will summon the Genie, theme of this game, which comes with free spins.

During these free spins, Wild symbols can also be added. There is also a random awarding of bigger jackpots without any matching requirements! Yes, it’s like an excuse to give rewards, a special treat from the home-made game.


The High Limit American Roulette is a classic Roulette game that comes in high graphics and an array of odds to bet on. Gamblers can bet on numbers 1 – 18 or 19 – 36, either half of the numbers with a little less than 50% probability for each, Even or Odds, Blacks or Reds with same level of win probability, on any of the 3 sections of 12 numbers in ascending order, with a probability of a little less than 1/3 for each, or there are 2 special numbers of ‘0’ or ‘00’. The payoff at the straight up bet of one number, is 35 to 1, which means that for the much bigger risk, comes the much bigger level of reward, as compared to the bet with close to 50% probability where the payoff is 1 to 1, less risky and therefore equivalent reward.

This version of roulette, comes with apparently more realistic graphics than most roulette games, making the gamble much more thrilling. Free roulette runs can also be earned randomly as part of events, other free plays maybe available accordingly. The help section on bottom right explains all the rules and payoff in detail.


888Casino has its own array of promotions.

  1. Sign Up Bonus: Who doesn’t like a warm welcome? The Sign-up bonus is a 100% reward, up to $200. Which means you can deposit $100 and play with $200. Just go to 888casino.com, create an account, deposit money and start getting the rewards.
  • Premium Welcome Package: For those who like feeling special, there is a unique welcome package that gives bonuses on multiple rewards. With a 100% bonus up to $100 on first deposit there are 4 30% bonuses up to $350 on the following 4 deposits, helping you play with extra $1500 in the first week! Now that’s offer stacking against the odds.

888 VIP Casino Club


The VIP Club at 888, offers lavish promotions, services and bonuses in all the segments of 888, including Casino, Poker, Sports and Bingo.

Daily 888 VIP Bonus: There is a shuffle of 12 mixed bonused cards on the 888 VIP Live tables each day between 13:00 and 01:00(GMT), with $150 x4, $100 x4 and $50 x4. If you are given any bonus card then you win the amount on that card. It’s a chance to win a share of $1200 in daily bonuses!

Daily 888Xtra: This is an offer to win a share of $750 of daily bonus, and yes this is on top of the prior daily bonus! There is a shuffle of 12 mixed bonus cards of $100 x3, $75 x3, $50 x3, $25 x3, on the Live Casino 888Xtra Table between 1pm and 1am (GMT) every day. Same as before, if you are given a bonus card, then you win the amount on that card.

Never feel antisocial when you are on in 888 VIP Club. Chat with dealers or other players at the Live Casino Blackjack, talk about weather or playing strategy, make new friends or even opponents to have hard fun battles with while you are at the table.

Daily Lucky 8: Daily Lucky 8 works when you sit at the Live Casino Roulette table from 8 PM to 9 PM (GMT) and place a bit of at least $8 in the event hours. If bet on a round where the winning number was 8, then you get a bonus of $8. Better to try demo play of roulette, before going to the Live game.

Keep an eye on Bonus codes or other promo codes given as it is, they may be for everyone on special occasions.


Being part of the 888 VIP club, in addition to all other benefits also gives another unparallel benefit of Event arrangement. With a pool of members as large as 25 million, people from all over the world, there is always something special going in for some of them. So, 888 organizes concerts, holidays, sports events all over the world to make its members feel special.

An example was the Andrea Bocelli event. A classic hosted by David and Choo, with private bar, luxury buffet and chance to sleep in a gorgeous hotel next to arena. 9 VIPs and guests were given the chance to see Andrea at London’s O2 Arena on November 2.

Isn’t that a treat? It’s a chance to meet your one of your favourite stars no matter where you are from.

Loyalty Rewards and VIP Statuses

Besides getting countless bonuses, promo codes and rewards along with chances to be in once in a lifetime events, or meet your favourite star up close, there is more for those who keep coming back!

How to become a VIP: You become a VIP only by invitation!

As a Base level VIP, you get:

  • A special one-off bonus in Welcome Package.
  • Higher Deposit limits along with higher stake tables
  • Promotional gadgets, electronics, accessories, jewellery and the likes
  • Invitation to event like previously mentioned
  • Personal Service, to make your things go right and smooth
  • Better comp point conversion rates, 50% more converted!
  • Birthday gifts! Yes, you are special!

At VIP Gold you get:

  • A one-time special golden handshake
  • Weekly appreciation Rewards for being consecutive
  • Most Valuable Player Award as you reach higher and higher comp points, for being a relentless player
  • Base Level VIP + More promotions, bigger gifts, more bonuses and more specialty

At VIP Platinum you get

  • A one-time platinum perfect bonus
  • 50% Higher Comp conversation rates than base level VIP
  • Yearly casino anniversary bonus
  • Exclusive Support Staff only for VIP Platinum calls, assisting in every matter regarding playing.
  • VIP GOLD + More promotions, bigger gifts, more bonuses and more fun

888 Sports:

Think of the horse racing events, with groups of people standing in the crowd in their casual summer dress, with a champagne in their hand hoping their horse would outrace others. 888 Sports is a perfectly suitable for those who are sports fanatics along with gamble lovers, and there is nothing that beats gambling, than the one done on spots. 888 Sports comes in an orange athletic theme to make you feel right in the stadium, or ring when you are on it.

888 Sports allows you to bet on American Football, Basketball, Cricket, Cyclocross, Handball, Motor Sports, Rugby, Speedway, Tennis and many other games, just login and try it.

The field is much bigger and tries to let gamblers wager on basically as many entertaining things as possible

For Each, a choice of limited odds is already provided and users have to choose what they want to wager on. 

An example would be Cricket Match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Odds provided are 2.50 to 1.50 and it’s up to you to bet on any side by any amount.

For most games, the final results are dependent upon that particular game’s organization and representation authority, Details of rules and procedures are provided clearly in the Help section, along with explicit betting rules definition for each available game.

888 Poker:

For hard core Poker Fans, there is a unique Poker Segment with all of the finest games like:

  1. Texas Hold’em
  2. Omaha Hi
  3. Omaha Hi Lo
  4. 7 Card Stuff
  5. Snap
  6. Blast

For those who are yet unsure of rules, there is a comprehensive section that explains in detail all the rules for each game. There is also an interactive poker guide, a trial game that explains with instructions and through process each game.


  1. Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTS): MTTs is an exciting poker tournament format that involves a large number of players betting on the same amount. As they busy out, on by one, players are moved to balance the remaining sum. This goes on, until we are down to one player who wins everything. Ideally, 10% – 15% entrants win more than their initial amount at the least. So, all in all, it’s a chance to win big from small amounts, and the game is fairly easy with a variety of descriptions and help guides. These tournaments continue 24/7, that’s why there is a special 888 Poker segment!  Although, a downside is that because of so many people, it can take 10 – 12 hours for them to finish.
  • Progressive Knockouts: This format is for those who like competition. It’s quite similar to an MTT, but on top of that, in this format a bounty is placed on each player’s head. Which means as you beat people, your bounty becomes bigger as well as your chance to win more.
  • Free Tournaments: Free tournaments are for those who are low on finances or just want a fun game of poker.  Players can enter into the free plays however can still win real money, In format they are similar to MTTs.
  • Satellites: Satellite Tournaments in a unique online poker format, in which small buy-ins let you win not cash, but a chance to be in higher, bigger events. The whole idea is to give players with less financial capability to participate in bigger, grander games. Many of these games can be much faster, unlike MTTs, so you don’t have to wait to long. Either you are all in or all out in moments.
  • Deep Stack: Deep Stack are for people who are cash game players and involves higher number of chips to start with. It’s a place where one can use their chips aggressively and try or develop new poker skills. Although, these games are skill based so newbies can lose money easily, while it may still be worth the experience.
  • Sit and GO: SNG is a much simpler form of Poker Tournament, and range with 2 to 360 players. Most common types of tables are those consisting of either 6 players or 9 players. Some type of SNGs include speed (Turbo, Super Turbo, etc.), tournament types (bounty, knockout, double or nothings, etc.). In 9 player games, top 3 finishers can cash, while in 6 player game only top 2 can cash. All in all, it’s a good way to understand the basics of poker and they don’t last too long, however, with ease and comfort also comes less reward compared to MTTs. They may also be less thrilling than MTTs.


888 Poker comes with its own variety of promotions, among which is the $88 no deposit bonus.

You can also play 888 Poker offline, but downloading the app. Just click the download button on top right and the software will be installed.

888 Ladies:

In a world of rising feminine, how about something special for Women Gamblers who are much less in numbers but why so? 888 is convinced to promote gender equality and therefore promoting women who are only engaged in online gambling in minority.

At 888 Ladies, a variety of fun Bingo games are offered, including 75 ball and 90 ball bingo rooms that offer different kinds of jackpot games, including progressive and guaranteed. Many of these are live games, giving you a chance to chat with other players and make friends.

90 Ball Bingo: 90 Ball Bingo is a classic UK based Bingo game that comes with live chat. In this game players buy in numbered bingo tickets, and as the numbers are randomly called out, the player can cover them or daub them. The bingo ticket consists of  a 3 x 9 segment of numbers, with each line having 9 boxed and 5 numbers, remaining being empty.

1st Place: Any player that gets any one complete line in winning pattern

2nd Place: Any player covering any 2 line pattern

Full House Winner: Covering all 3 lines on ticket.

A Display is shown below:

The size of winning reward depends on the cost per ticket and number of players participating in the game. Usually high Ticket Price and more number of players make the prize much larger. Some formats can involve a minimum regardless or extra jackpots.

Like other formats, 888 Ladies, also comes with its own custom made Reward Programs, its own piece of fun and bonuses.

Joy Gem VIP Program: Consists of 4 levels, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond, each level incrementally representing more loyalty and resulting rewards and bonuses. Bonus codes are provided via notifications or explicitly on the website.

Promotions: The VIPs receive their own promotions like Monthly Mega Gems and NEW VIP Bingo Rooms. The Monthly Mega Gem is a share to win a share of 5000 Euro jackpot

Events: Becoming a VIP also gives you access to a variety of small and big events happening all over the world.


In this review, 888 Casino is without a doubt an unparalleled market leader in Online Gambling Industry for Canada. Recognized, Authenticated and Approved in form of tests and awards by many accredited organizations, 888 is a trend setter of the field, in the truest sense of the word. With 4 main segments of Poker, Casino, Bingo and Sports, a vast variety in each, customization in each everything is fun in its own game.

The best part is that 888 Poker for example, has its own Poker Promotions, Poker Bonuses, it’s like a big city of Poker, exclusive for Poker lovers. Same goes for other Sections. 888 Sports section is particularly unique, because betting on all types of sports including Sports online, is a much rarer scenario, and 888 Sports has done its job of being thorough and going all the way to create a platform that is designed for sport lovers. The major advantage of such segmentation is that each can be designed and customized according to its own needs, its own audience making each section a full fledged specialty in its own game.

Such developed and complete casino that offers a limitless stack of entertainment in the form of a combination of classic games, new games, rare games, cultural games, built in home and external games, all along with security, safety, fast services and support with fair game plays and everything that comes with responsible gaming, making this online casino one that will satisfy any gambler to the fullest.

Matthias Picard