JackpotCity Casino – Variety of Promotions, Free Spins and Bonus Points are Here!


JackpotCity Casino is an online Casino, licensed by Maltese Government, that offers more than 400 games to its online gamblers. Online or Instant gambling has become a trend at rise, and Jackpot City Casino is one of the finest in the industry because it offers all kinds of games, those that are new in the market, those that are specific to countries for the patriotic ones, as well as the all-time classics, on a user friendly and multi device supporting platform, all along with ethical and responsible production in order to make its users feel safe while gambling. Isn’t that about all an online gambler asks for? Even better that there is so much more to it.

Responsible Gaming and Ethics

Everybody knows that with Internet on its rise, Cyber Crime and Scamming have also increased. One needs to be more cautious when it comes to Gambling, because it is related with Money related transactions along with other private information. JackpotCity Casino, understands the true importance of Responsible Gaming and therefore has designed a system to keep its users at mental peace as they enjoy their gambling.

JackpotCity Casino Canada, has been working with Datacash ltd for over 20 years now, who keeps the credit card information of users fully encrypted, even to staff members, and takes care of payment processing. A team of top-notch Fraud Department is also at work to ensure further confidentiality of your financial and other private information. There are several layers of security added to make sure, that the environment is safe, e.g. When you are about to pay from Credit Card, you are asked your Real Account Number and Password! A record of your transactions is always kept so you can ask for a history or audit, as and when you like.

What’s more? JackpotCity Online Casino has been awarded with the eCOGRA, Seal of Approval (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) a Private Organization from UK which is also devoted to improving the online Gambler’s security and one of the most difficult quality assurances to earn. Furthermore, it is ensured that the games you play are completely fair. This is done by card-shuffling and randomisation tools, so the Random Number Generator works every time you are about wager in some money. This makes the games unpredictable and impossible to manipulate by anyone.

All in all, jackpotcitycasino.com is licensed by the Government of Malta under the Faculty of the Gaming Ordinance, for the purpose of online casino management and are sure to follow the provided rules and regulations. The website being owned by Bayton Limited, Villa Seminia 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Malta.


Now that we have background knowledge and know that JackpotCity Online Casino is a safe environment to play in, what matters next is how entertaining it is. As surprising it may sound, its equally entertaining, which makes this Online Casino an all-in-1 Package. There are Over 400 games to play, including 300 plus Online Slot Games. The games are uniquely themed, from Sports, your favourite seasons, National games, to all time favourites and some fresh in the stocks. The variety is wide enough to satisfy most audience with sustainability.

Slot Games

Slot Games are many, from 1000 Islands, 5-reel drive, Adventure Palace, Arctic Fortune and so much more. When we typically imagine Slot games, it’s a big vending machine, with one screen slightly curving out, a big lever, a few buttons and 3-reel, 4-reel or 5-reel and a clinging hope to hit them all same at once and wipe the floor with coins. Usually it is also where most newbies go and lose a lot of money, in the end its all really luck, as symbolic as slot games are to gambling. Movies sometimes show the fancier part of these slot games, introducing ideas like how when one machine starts winning, it keeps on winning on an endless streak.

How true is that? Not so much unless there is a bug. The Slot games at JackpotCity Casino are many in variety, with varying graphics, varying number of reels, and varying interface and colours just so you never get bored. One of the classics is Wild.


Scarab is a wild beetle of the eastern Mediterranean, also regarded sacred in ancient Egypt culture. Wild Scarabs is a 5-reel slot game with, the Play form being fairly simple, with credits, Bet, Win being displayed on the bottom. Just hit the Spin button after you set your bet and get started. 5 Reel games are more difficult to win because of less probability, but they can also be more rewarding. For those who feel less confident can start with the 4-reel games. Fun part is that not all symbols are of equal value, some give more points than the others. The non-uniform distribution makes the game more exciting and a chance to win more rewards. The three parallel bars on the left, can be clicked to see the play table which gives details of rules and point distribution. Not sure of something? There is always the live chat service available for your support.

For those who are fan of high graphics, can try Crystal Rift powered by Microgaming, with more variations in rewards, a chance to cut losses.


Cyberstud Progressive is a fun Jackpot game where a bet of one credit per game is placed by system every time you start. It’s a progressive Jackpot, which means that the payout keeps increasing with incremental misses. However, when one wins the jackpot, for next play it is reset back to its original level and this makes the game exciting yet safe. Progressive jackpots can be embedded even into slot games or video poker to make them more thrilling. The cyberstud progressive requirements are that the dealer should have a combination of an ace and king or higher in order to win, while counting ace as high for any straight. It also has no wild card and a compulsory side bet that for additional pay-outs, like progressive jackpots. For more details and rules click the help button on bottom left.

Video Poker

Joker Poker is a mainstream gambling classic liked and played by many. Try hitting 5, 4, 3, 2 of a Kind, Joker Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Flush, Full House or Kings and better. Click the ‘Help’ button to know the rules in details. Not feeling confident. Play the game in Demo mode first. Demo mode is there so you can practice without staking your real money. This mode is available for most games in jackpotcitycasino.com. Always a good idea to play in Demo until you can wrap your head around the rules before playing for real.


Is there any gambler who doesn’t love roulette? Choose from 2 kinds of European Roulette and several other variations of the game, its an offer for the roulette lovers!

Try Spingo for a change! Spingo is a simple yet fun Roulette game, you can bet on 3 main colours of Red, Yellow, Blue, on Odds vs Even, on numbers 1-5 or 6-10, on all 3 colons on any given number from 1 to 10, even a special Green colour which occurs just once in the ring or special 0 number.

There is just so much to try with, and you can also undo your moves from a button below. Increase or decrease the bet by clicking on a small coin on bottom left half.

Spingo also has a fancy game play, with the dice popping up from the glass pipe in the middle, realistic graphical rolling of dice and more. It’s like you are standing right on a real table!


Next major category is Blackjack. Blackjack games also come in a considerably large variety, with several versions of European Blackjack, several versions of Atlantic blackjack, Classic Blackjack, even Spanish and more.

In Blackjack, the objective is to create a hand of cards that have a value or equal to or closer to 21 before the Dealer, with Aces counting as 1 or 11, and Kings, Queens and Jacks counting as 10. This is an elegant version of the game, with cards sliding fancily from the left and opening. The numbers in red boxes next to your card and dealers card is to keep a count of total and helps in determining who has won.

For those who are hungry for a change and for those who don’t want be left out what’s trending, JackpotCity Casino has something special!

Scatters are represented by a lit hockey striker and can multiple on the total bet staked. For extra fun, different symbols hold different values, again giving you a chance to win more!

Live Casino: Like going to a casino? This live casino is as real as it can get.

This Live Casino at www.jackpotcitycasino.com will make you forget the land-based Casino. Bet from small to much larger amounts on a completely unique variety of games with real people. Powered by Evolution gaming, you can play BlackJack, Roulette, Baccarat and more exciting games with real dealers in front of you via video streaming. This is also multiplayer so you can interact with the dealer and other players. With real players and dealers right in front of you, the experience is so rich it can make an online gambler feel the comfort of sitting at home and still the realness of going to a casino. This is a truly rare feature which works smoothly with a full fledge supporting platform.


Craving for some plays but don’t have budget? Fan of some free gambling? Jackpot City Casino Online has a lot of promotions and benefits for you to benefit from. Gambling can be costly when you are having a bad day sometimes and this is the perfect opportunity to turn the tables against the odds.

There are various kinds of bonuses available

  1. Sign Up Bonus: Sign up bonus at Jackpot City Casino are one of the most generous reward givings one can expect. First of all, get 100% back on your first 4 deposits, totalling up to $1600!! When will you get the bonus? JackpotCity Team doesn’t want you to wait before you start gambling so it’ll be credited right away. Just login to your account and claim the reward,
  2. Prize-Packed Promotion: Prize-Packed Promotions are theme based, and offers range from being daily, weekly to monthly with rewards being in cash, casino credits, free spins, cool gadget and even 5-star cruises and exotic holidays.
  3. Match Promotions: Match Promotions are midweek and weekend bonuses given on the basis of your activeness. You will be updated via email about rewards       calculated based on your plays. You can win chance to play free games.
  4. Loyalty Rewards: These are for the old timers at JackpotCity Casino. Players are given loyalty points as the wage their money and these points can later be converted into free bonus points, free spins, free games and credits.
  5. VIP Rewards: Want to feel special? Become a VIP Member and get free spins, credits, bonuses, promo codes and       exclusive promotions over and above all other rewards for regular players. VIP players also have a designated VIP Host available 24/7, it’s like walking on a red carpet!

Loyalty program

At Jackpot City Casino, there are one of the most comprehensive loyalty bonuses set up.

  • Bronze Level: Up to 2500 are points is the Bronze level. Since it is from the beginning, these users can only enjoy signup bonuses. They get 2500 status points on their first deposit, as soon as they login. Status points are also called loyalty points.
  • Silver Level: Silver Level users get a 3% level bonus and 25% more of daily specials. The 3% level bonus means that they get 3% more loyalty points as they wager on games. You get to this level when your points exceed 2500. On playing Reel Thunder and Summer Time, these users get a 25% extra.
  • Gold Level: Gold Level users get a 6% Level Bonus and 50% more of daily specials. They also get 20,000 Monthly loyalty points. This is the bonus you get if you maintain premium levels for 3 months in a row. You get to this level when your points exceed 12,000. On playing Reel Thunder and Summer Time, these users get a 50% extra.
  • Platinum Level: Platinum Level users get a 8% level bonus and 75% more of daily specials. They also get a monthly bonus of 40,000 points! You get to this level when your points exceed 50,000. On playing Reel Thunder and Summer Time, these users get a 75% extra.
  • Diamond Level: Diamond Level users get a 12% level bonus and 100% more of daily specials.             They also get a 100,000 points in monthly bonus. You get to this level when your points exceed 125,000. On playing Reel Thunder and Summer Time, these users get a 100% extra.
  • Prive: It’s like a never ending increment of bonuses, promo codes, and fun, the more you play! You become a Private level user by Invitation only. These users enjoy 15% level bonus and 120% more of daily specials. They also get a monthly bonus of 150,000 points. On playing Reel Thunder and Summer Time, these users get a 120% extra.

Every user, the moment they sign up is part of the loyalty program from day 1!


At JackpotCity Casino there are countless ways of withdrawing and depositing money to your account. To a gamblers, financial transactions is a sensitive field and getting more choices is a freedom anyone would love to have. So it is all set up for the convenience of users. One can deposit from Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Prepaid Card, Cheque, Web Wallet, Prepaid voucher, Mobile Invoicing, Skrill, Paypal and so much more supported.

Digital Marketing

JackpotCity Casino uses google analytics for its targeted promotions and marketing purposes, so you can expect to be contacted by them regarding related information. This is done so JackpotCity Casino can better satisfy its users.


JackpotCity Casino’s support team is driven to provide its user all the help they need. With an instant Live Chat service, that replies within minutes on average and assists in more matters, getting their issues resolved is only a matter of minutes for users. With the live chat support being available 24/7, there is also a support contact email for issues that are beyond the chat agents. There is also a special helpline for VIPs, which can be contacted from mobile.


Now that we have the background knowledge, the next question is how to get started and get on with it. The registration process is fairly simple and fast. There is a basic form that asks for General info like Name, Date of Birth, Country of residence, followed by address and other mobile contact number. Usually it will only take a few minutes to set up the account.

The calendar button on top is a unique feature, rarely seen in most sites. JackpotCity casino has tried their best to make their site like a real life casino and this calendar feature is where they can update users about upcoming events and special occasions. It’s all about keeping it exciting! Users can always know what’s new going on around and what’s coming up and there is always something new going on around.


The promotional games can not be played by guest players or even staff members of JackpotCity Casino. Furthermore, Multi Player Tournaments, Poker and Bingo are excluded from Promotion. If rules of Promotional games conflict with general game rules, then the promotional games rule can prevail over a limited capacity.

Before you request to withdraw to your Bank account, your plays are reviewed by JackpotCity’s team. This Is an additional security layer, in order to avoid and secure from people hedging (Hedging means when someone is betting on all opposite ends, so either way they are assured a small amount to win).

On top right, there is an option pin to the desktop, which download a file in .msi format, which can be accessed conveniently from desktop. For more that just pinning, one can also download the JackpotCity Casino software / application. Simply click on the arrow, right to your username, let a small menu slide open downwards and click the deluxe download button to get the software or app on PC or Mobile (Android supported). The website uses cookies so it is advised the accept the cookie policy, a small bar prevailing on the top for better, smoother performance.


In conclusion it can be said with fair confidence that JackpotCity Casino online is an elegant and one of the best online casinos available. What makes this casino especially great is the fact that it has a wide variety of games. There are games that adopted to locals of different nationalities, like the various European roulettes, American versions etc.

Also, there is a large variety of very fresh games, that can be themed on summers, a sports event or anything else trending. This gives users a refreshing gambling experience unlike any other. Excessive promotions, with a signup bonus up to $1600 is not something one finds every day. Variety of promotions, free spins, free games, bonus points, loyalty bonuses, promo codes, are what makes an online platform better than a regular land-based casino and JackpotCity casino is definitely leading the field in promotions.

Moreover, there are layers of security for all transactions because it is important for users to not have to worry about safety and privacy issues. While user may dislike the delay in withdrawal time, due to extra processing meant to avoid scamming, it is for users’ own safety and in the end helps them more than the casino itself, but builds the well claimed reputation of JackpotCity.

So all in all, with a well secured environment, a wide collection of ever entertaining and refreshing games, including those that are trending, based on real life themes and those that are all time classics, plenty of loyalty benefits, a quality comprehensive platform and a range of promotions to keep the fun up, JackpotCity Casino is an all in one package and definitely worth it for both newbie gamblers as well as mainstreamers in 2021.  

Matthias Picard